C. Griveas’s Piano Studio, INC.


Lesson Info

Teaching Policies

Students will receive an average of four lessons per month.  However, each month usually has one or more days that will have five.  PAYMENT IS DUE ON THE 1ST OF EVERY MONTH or on the day of the student’s first lesson for that month.  If students have five lessons in a given month, then the student must also pay for that extra lesson in addition to the four other lessons.  Credits for missed lessons are not an option unless the absence cannot in any way be made up.  Make-ups are arranged for most holidays and will be scheduled prior to the holiday.  Make-ups can also be made for the following month.  If for some other reason the student is unable to pay at the beginning of the month, please send a check to C. Griveas’s Piano Studio, Inc. 6910 N Main Street, Unit 1, Granger IN 46530.  Please note, if your check bounces you will be charged an additional $10.00.    

 Holidays and Absences

The holidays for the fall and winter are as follows: Thanksgiving Day, and December 24- Jan1.  The summer holiday is July 4, Independence Day.  Please note, most holidays are made up prior to the holiday.  Any other day the student needs to request off should be addressed at least 2 weeks in advance.  Absences regarding illness or emergencies can be made up at a later time. Again, credits for missed lessons are not an option unless the student and teacher cannot in any way make-up for the lesson. Make-ups are usually arranged according to other student cancelations during the week days, but Saturdays can and are used as make up days as well.  Also, depending on the holiday, some make-ups are arranged in the morning.  If students have half days at school, they can arrange make-ups on those days. Nevertheless, the sooner the student/parent is aware of the absence, the more likely I will be able to do make-ups for those lessons.  In addition, I am under no obligation to give make-ups to students lacking legitimate reasons for their absences.


During the year I generally arrange two recitals.  One recital is offered in the summer usually before students go back to school and the other is during the Christmas holidays.  Students are not obligated to attend either function, but they always welcome to come. 

Practice, Practice, Practice…

As the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect.”  Well maybe not completely perfect, but it certainly helps.  Practice is a must, so in order to foster the student’s practice routine I will give a practice schedule for each student to take home for the week.  Thus, when the student comes to the following lesson I will ask them to return their practice schedule to me so that I can get an idea as to what I will expect for their lesson.  Getting in a routine for practicing along with attending regular piano lessons will help students learn how to budget their time not only in music, but also in other valuable life skills.  Being consistent also helps the student stay in a good habit of practicing and learning.

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