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The Biography of Christóforos Konstantinos Grivéas


Born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Sheffield Lake, Ohio, I began my piano instruction very early in my life and over the years my talent eventually blossomed into my career.  At the age of four, I remember my mother telling me to spend more time on the piano and less time with my friends.  She actually taught me to begin with, but it wasn’t long before she signed me up with a local piano teacher. After noticing a unique and special talent, my mother searched again for a new teacher that would push my inner ability.  Dr. Phillip Gibson from the Music School of Julliard just so happened to be in the area offering piano instruction at that time.  Soon I was learning theory and composition from an expert in the field of piano theory and performance.  By the time I was nine, I was more advanced than most of my fellow pupils under Dr. Gibson.  Catching on quickly and eagerly, my instructor thoroughly trained me in Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Gershwin, Rachmaninoff, Liszt, and several other classical musicians.  The foundation of my talent evolved as a result of the rigid practice sessions Dr. Gibson enforced as well as in several other areas of intense musical training. Both my mother and my instructor pushed me even further by entering me into regional and state competitions. Upon winning several 1st place awards, my instructor discovered yet another talent, my ability to perform.  I trained as an apprentice under Dr. Gibson for over 12 years, but then my parents decided to move to South Bend, Indiana. As a result of the rich training I received from Dr. Gibson, I had a desire to branch out and learn other styles of music.  While I attended Penn High School, I took up jazz and blues lessons under a local piano teacher.  My teacher taught me how to improvise as well as to play by ear.  I was not accustomed to rhythm and blues, but I loved how it flowed and I especially enjoyed the challenge.  At about the same time, I won an audition as an accompanist for Penn High School’s choirs directed under the Holaways.  After graduating high school, I attended Indiana University South Bend. Here, I continued my musical talent by studying under a Georgian concert pianist for three more years who was under the Toradze Piano Studio at Indiana University of South Bend.  Altogether, I have had 20 years of musical instruction on the piano, and yet I am still learning and growing. 
In 2005 Shirk’s Piano and Organ hired me as a self contracted piano teacher where I taught for five years.  Over time, my reputation from Shirk’s allowed me to play for several functions and events around the South Bend and Mishawaka communities.  In June, 2007, I played for the Secretary of State of Indiana Todd Rokitta at a political dinner banquet.  I have also played for Big C Lumber Company's annual banquet in 2008 and 2009 at Century Center.  Other functions I have performed at include weddings, private parties, and other corporate events.  Three of the weddings that I played for were held at Notre Dame. 
Currently, I own my business and teach out of my studio located in the University Garden’s Office Park in Granger, Indiana.  In addition, I am the entertainer at Parisi’s Italian Ristorante as well as the organist/pianist for St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Cassopolis, Michigan.  I have worked at both places for over three years. My joy and passion, however, is centered on my piano students.  Each student is different and unique.  They all have various musical interests as well as different learning styles and abilities.  I teach all ages, so not only do I work with children, but also adults.  My adults inspire me because they want to learn songs from different generations.  As a result, I have learned various styles of music from different eras.  One of the greatest attributes to being a teacher is that my students learn just as much from me as I do from them.

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